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From Gomez Henri <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] src/native/jk/jk_lb_worker.c in 3.2.x
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 12:37:27 GMT
En réponse à Mathias Herberts <>:

> Hi, I posted already several times a patch to jk_lb_worker.c for the
> 3.2
> branch.

And I inclued it in mod_jk found in J-T-C and TC 3.3

> The patch did not make it to the CVS tree as the last release 3.2.3
> does
> not include it.

> I post it again to the list, hoping a commiter will notice it and
> commit
> it to the tree.
> This patch is already applied for the 3.3 branch, I do not understand
> why the 3.2 branch is still incorrect.

3.2.x tree is closed to feature add-ons and must only contains
bugs fixes. Your patch is fine but change the behaviour of mod_jk
and as such shouldn't be in 3.2.x 

But it the old story of mod_jk WHICH SHOULD BE OUTSIDE TOMCAT and live
now in jakarta-tomcat-connectors......

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