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Subject Problem changing default web.xml : conf/web.xml is not processed
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 07:34:01 GMT
Hi there,

I have a problem changing the web.xml in the conf dir (conf/web.xml).
I wanted to configure some central stuff there and wondered why it isn't
Then I placed a wrong tag with no closing tag into the web.xml.
The sax-parser must throw an exception with this file.
But nothing happened.
I tested the same wrong tag in an webapps web.xml file. There I got the
My conclusion is now, that the default web.xml is not proccessed!

I wonder why, because the server.xml file is in the same directory.
If server.xml is found by tomcat, why not the default web.xml.

I can post a log-trace if you are intereseted, but I don't see any
informative help in it.
Be method opening the default web.xml does not log anything.

Any comments, how I can make tomcat reading and processing the default
web.xml are welcome.

Kind regards

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