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From "Nance, Michael" <>
Subject RE: Plz - Anyone have any ideas
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2001 22:10:58 GMT
Thanks for your reply....
The weird thing is in our current env does not include those files in the
htttpd.conf file.  They are included 
in a _Include when we start up Tomcat separately.  Would the tomcat.conf
still be read because I noticed that it was including JServ and not Mod_JK
Thanks again for your time

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From: John Hebert []
Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2001 2:44 PM
Subject: Re: Plz - Anyone have any ideas


Or, once you get a running, stable app server configuration, just point 
your httpd.conf include directive to a specific copy of your 
mod_jk.conf-auto file:

Include /usr/local/tomcat/conf/copy_of_mod_jk.conf-auto

Hope this helps!

John Hebert

Nance, Michael wrote:

> I am trying to switch our current configuration from
> to
> Apache/Tomcat/Mod_Jk.  I obtained the source files and built
> I removed the include of JServ.  
> I have a few questions and a problem.  When tomcat starts up it generates
> mod_jk.conf-auto.  Where do I put customized JKMounts?
> It appears that Apache is starting ok but not sure if Tomcat is.  in the
> mod_jk.log
> I am getting
> [jk_connect.c (143)]: jk_open_socket, connect() failed errno = 146
> [jk_ajp12_worker.c (152)]: In jk_endpoint_t::service, Error sd = -1
> I have read the docs and don't see what I am missing.
> Please help!

John Alex Hebert
System Engineer

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