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From Andrea <>
Subject Re: Problem with cookie
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 17:17:27 GMT
After some test I have this problem ...
if I browse my pages from the same machine everything works fine. If I try 
to browse the same pages from another pc, no cookies are set!!! Somebody 
have any idea why this happens?????

>At 11:46 AM 6/29/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>>Have you looked at the message header (not really sure if that's the real
>>name) to see if any cookies are coming back from the server?  You can
>>telnet into the server and port and do a get to see if the program is
>>trying to send a cookie.  It could be that the cookie is expiring as it
>>I had a problem once where the date of the machine that was affected was
>>set a month in the future, so the cookie expired immediately, though it was
>>being sent.
>>                     Andrea
>>                     <smda@lisea.c        To:
>>                     om>                  cc:
>>                                          Subject:     Problem with cookie
>>                     29-06-01
>>                     10:19 AM
>>                     Please
>>                     respond to
>>                     tomcat-user
>>I've a strange behavior. I develope on a win2k with tomcat 3.2.1 (under
>>Visual Age) and I use a cookie to trace the users logon (I use a custom
>>tag) . Everything works fine... After that I port my application on my test
>>machine, a FreeBsd with tomcat 3.2.2  and Jdk 1.2 but no cookies are
>>Is there  a bug or there is something I'm wrong????
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