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From Reynir Hübner <>
Subject Class reloading for JSP /Tomcat 4
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2001 13:48:18 GMT
Hi, I have a problem : 

I have Tomcat 4 and a working MVC model.

Request are handled by a servlet that starts a servlet chain wich ends
with the request being routed to a JSP. 
The servlets in the chain instanciate beans and put them into the
request object.  

If I change one .java-file (servlet or bean) and recompile I get a
ClassCastException (in the jsp) when I try to use ANY of the beans
(previously populated with servlets) in the JSP <jsp:useBean> tag.

I seems that the classloader.reload in tomcat 4 works for the servlets
(catalina ?) but not for the jsp pages  (jasper ?).

btw. if I restart after recompiling the class tomcat everything works as
it should.

So now I´m wondering if this is a bug (? or a feature?) and how to
overcome this :)



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