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From "Tim O'Neil" <>
Subject RE: VOTE: HTML in Messages and politeness (Was: Re: jdbc odbc bri dge on linux)
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 02:29:21 GMT
At 04:02 AM 7/31/2001, you wrote:
>At 12:32 PM 31/07/01, you wrote:
>> >  - text/x-vcard
>What, no vcards??? I used to be able to waste hours tracking down and 
>deleting the little buggers from my hard drive! Now what am I going to do 
>on a Friday afternoon... after defrag, anti-virus, cleanup etc.????

Hey, those vcards things I actually find useful. If a guy or
gal whose info I want to put into my palm V has one of those,
I can just drag it onto the latest palm desk top and it will
get loaded into the palm on the next sync. Very handy imo.
Would never use them for Outlook though, since I never use
Outlook, or Virus Construction Kit v... what are they up to,
"2000" or something? That's a lot of virii...

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