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From "Tim O'Neil" <>
Subject Re: Prefix subject headers in Tomcat list?
Date Sun, 01 Jul 2001 21:38:19 GMT
At 03:12 PM 7/1/2001, you wrote:
>Is it possible for the list admin to apply a '[tomcat-user] ' or similar 
>prefix to all mails sent from the mailing list?
>This helps a lot in separating list traffic from other traffic.

My client allows filtering via one or all of the incoming mail
headers, I filter the tomcat mail list with the "Any Recipient"
header. I don't know that this header is an rfc 821 compliant one
(In fact I can't find it in the rfc) but it works for me. Surely
you can filter out tomcat mail list messages through one of the
other ones though.

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