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From Jim Cheesman <>
Subject RE: Cannot find my JavaBeans
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 14:22:04 GMT
At 04:01 PM 18/07/01, you wrote:
>Thanks. I did what you suggested and it works,
>1. Do I need to add <CONTEXT> block to create virtual path to "student1" in
>server.xml if it is all under \webapps anyway? The startup seems to be
>creating the contextx automatically, but perhaps this is not the best way??

If it ain't broke...  I don't know if you need to or not, but I'd say that 
if you want to play around with the initialisation parameters 
(reloadable=true etc.) you'll need to.

>2. (Maybe related?) Is it really necessary to use the "\jsp" directory?

No, but it's always nice to have everything under control, tidy etc. (And 
if you decide to add a security manager you may want you executable content 
in one place that's *not* the root, too.)

>3. When would I need to add <SERVLET> blocks to web.xml file for each jsp

When you want to map your jsp's to a different url, or if you precompile 
them. Otherwise there's no need.


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