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From Jim Cheesman <>
Subject Re: List traffic et al
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 11:46:14 GMT
At 11:11 AM 06/07/01, you wrote:
>   I've been on the list about eight months and I'm not sure
>I agree that splitting it will alleviate the volume problem.
>I'm rather afraid that I would end up subscribed to 2 or 3
>high volume lists rather than one. I imagine that we would
>see a lot of multiple posts across the lists.
>Previous suggestions for how the list could be split seem to me to fall into
>three categories
>1) By platform
>2) By competence (i.e. newbie list, advanced user list)
>3) By category of problem

<snip />

I fully agree - the only way I could see to divide this list that makes any 
sense would be installation/post-installation - though, again, where would 
"tomcat as service" type posts go?

It is a very high volume list, but with a threaded mail reader that can be 
dealt with - most (gui-based) readers allow one to order by subject, and 
hence delete by subject...

The information I've learnt here has been invaluable, and certainly I find 
replying to the odd "newbie" post makes up for the guilty feeling I get for 
not contributing more actively to the project ;)



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