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From "Paul D. Bain" <>
Subject Re: run at background
Date Sun, 22 Jul 2001 01:18:49 GMT
At Saturday 7/21/01 05:42 AM , you wrote:
>I start at solaris by telnet. Everything is fine. But when I
>logout telnet, the tomcat stopped too.
>So what should I do?

Try to run Tomcat as a background process by using the ampersand symbol ("&").
Let's say that you start Tomcat by executing a shell script called
"". If so, then you might try this:

        # &

The ampersand tells the operating system to run the file as a
background process, which means that that process should continue to run even
after you close your telnet connection. If that does not work, then try running
it as a user other than yourself, perhaps as the root user or the user "nobody"
(many people run Apache as the user nobody). Or you could create a user named
"tomcat" and run Tomcat using that user's account and name.

-- Paul Bain

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