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From "Tsinwah Lee" <>
Subject problem with mod_jk
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2001 17:09:24 GMT
Hi, my admin has config Apache to work with Tomcat, she said using Apache + Tomcat together,
the jsp/servlets will load faster, but the static pages will "hesitate" for a fraction of
a second and then the pages got load up. Also, the size of the log file for mod_jk has increased
to 3MB by just using Apache + Tomcat for about 20 minutes. I checked with the mod_jk.conf
and mod_jk.conf file, the jkLogLevel is "warn", and in the mod_jk.conf-auto file, the jkLogLevel
is "error". Both of them are not on the "debug" level. I wonder why the size of mod_jk.log
is that large.
So does anyone experience something like that? Or does anyone know how to optimize the performance
for both static pages and servlet when using Apache + Tomcat? Thanks in advance.

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