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From Denis Haskin <>
Subject ADD_SSL_INFO in mod_jk.c, and ajp13 performance in general.
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2001 18:21:25 GMT
Perhaps this is a better question for tomcat-dev, but in mod_jk.c
there's a comment that says:

 * If you are not using SSL, comment out the following
 * line. It will make apache run faster.
#define ADD_SSL_INFO

I can find no reference to ADD_SSL_INFO to any other Tomcat or Apache
(1.3.x) source code.  Does commenting out this line have any effect?

As you can guess, I'm dealing with the same issue that many people
are--performance when testing directly against Tomcat's
HttpConnectionHandler is great, but when doing the same test through
Apache/jk/ajp13 the maximum page rate is substantially limited.  There's
lots of dribs and drabs in the email archive about this, but if anyone
has some concise recommendations on how to improve
Apache/jk/ajp13/Tomcat performance, I would certainly appreciate it.

It *appears* the bottleneck is on the Apache side, but I haven't
demonstrated this conclusively yet.



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