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From John Hebert <>
Subject Re: Servlet web hosting?
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2001 15:48:00 GMT
Tim O'Neil wrote:

> At 08:51 PM 7/23/2001, you wrote:


> If you want to run a server though make sure you get a
> static ip assignment. It's a real pain to run a server
> with a dynamic ip.

Doesn't have to be. Take a look at They provide 
free scripts that report your dynamically assigned IP back to, which then updates its DNS records. I use them and it works 
fine. I assume other dynamic IP hosting services work in a similar manner.

Of course, this is not a good idea for a production server that has to 
be up 24X7 since there could be a delay when reporting the new IP, but 
for development work, it will do the job.

John Alex Hebert
System Engineer

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