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From Tim Ashman <>
Subject Re: JSP Setup.
Date Sat, 21 Jul 2001 23:37:26 GMT
Ok, I think I've got apache passing the .jsp's to tomcat.  I can run 
some of the example jsp's,  The ones that start with .html files.  But 
when I do a submit the browser just shows the page source instead of 
actually running the jsp.  I have my servlet directory working the same 

Does anyone have a clue as to what might be going wrong?  My gut 
instinct is that apache is still handling the jsp's and hence I get html 


John Hebert wrote:

> Tim Ashman wrote:
>> I'm new to Tomcat and have Tomcat and apache playing together.  I've 
>> been able to create servlets, and have them successfully run.  I am 
>> now trying to learn JSP but when I put the *.jsp files onto the server 
>> I can't get them to run.  I receive 404 errors.  I've looked though 
>> the online help, etc and most of it seems a little confusing.
>> Am I just placing the .jsp's in the wrong place?  Do I need some .jar 
>> files that don't come with the standard java/tomcat installs?
> Sounds like they are either in the wrong place or Apache is not 
> configured to point to the correct place. The jasper.jar is the jar file 
> that handles .jsp's. Need more info in order to help you further, 
> specifically config info (httpd.conf, server.xml).

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