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From Mark Dzmura <>
Subject Tomcat 4.0b6/WebApp/Apache - SUCCESS!! (sort of)
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2001 20:33:13 GMT
Congrats to PF and whoever else helped make mod_webapp work for JSP!

Well, I grabbed the latest snapshot of webapps and built it (the build
instructions actually work this time!), then dropped it into place along
with Tomcat 4.0b6 and Apache 1.3.19 (all on Redhat 7.1).

The amazing thing is that serving JSP's now (mostly) works!!

It appears that the class org.apache.catalina.connector.warp.WarpContext
has gone away - presumably plain old Contexts are good enough for
any connector...

Still two problems with the Apache connector:

#1 - Request header invalid values

The request headers "Server Port", "Remote Address" and "Remote Host"
are passed to Tomcat with invalid values (null or -1).

#2 - Sessions

We get correct session behavior when our JSP app is served from Catalina's
8080 port - a single session is created for a browser.

However, when we serve the app from port 80 through Apache, a new session
is created with every request from the same browser.

We are using defaults for session creation, so I presume that means temporary
cookies - and I am using the same browser

Seems possible that problem #2 is caused by whatever causes problem #1.

Anybody have any ideas??


Mark Dzmura
Digital Mission LLC

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