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From Pat Bottomley <>
Subject Enabling SSL on Domino causes both Domino and Tomcat to crash
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2001 08:27:31 GMT
Can anybody shed any light on this problem:

This is a weird problem.  It happens reliably on the client site within a short
period of time, but we have yet to see it happen on our internal development

On our client's server, we have Domino 5.0.6a running alongside Tomcat 3.2.2
using  Tomcat Redirector 1.0.2.  We have generated our own SSL certificate for
test purposes using Domino's built-in tools.  We configured Domino to use the
generated certificate.  Then we restarted Domino.  Then, we fired up a browser,
started browsing our Tomcat hosted JSPs using HTTPS and within a short
period of time, we get the Domino's Application Error dialog box telling us that
Tomcat 3.2 Java.exe has developed a problem and a NOTES.RIP file has
been generated.  When we click on the Done button, both the Tomcat
and Domino windows disappear.

When we clear the field in the Server Configuration document specifying the
path of the SSL certificate, save and close the document and restart Domino,
we can browse our JSPs using plain old HTTP and Tomcat becomes much more stable.

Have you heard of this before?  Any ideas as the underlying cause and how we
might resolve this?

One possibly salient fact- on our client's server, in the
Tomcat window, the following message (approximately) is continuously being

        Ctx 400 R <> null

We occasionally get this on our internal server, but it is always occurring
on the client's server

Pat Bottomley

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