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From Michael Bierenfeld <>
Subject Re: Cannot find my JavaBeans
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 15:13:45 GMT
> Alright, I'm out of my depth here ;) Is the compile done at runtime?
> Besides which, I think you already have the solution. Include the jars in
> $TOMCAT_HOME/lib...
> (And which jars are we talking about here? The cocoon/servlet ones,
> presumably?)

While checking the source I found that the compile process and the
execution of the generated code is done in the same servlet. 

I know that $TOMCAT_HOME/lib would be a solution but we have a lot of
them and they change quite often. They are all written by ourselves and
have nothing to do with cocoon or tomcat.

Its funny I think its a classpath issue of tomcat.



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