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From Mark Dzmura <>
Subject Tomcat Newbie has problem with Apache connector and JSP: "document contains no data"
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 19:19:43 GMT
Gentle Folks:

After spending a ridiculously long time in a frustrating and humiliating
attempt to get the following configuration working on a Redhat 7.1 Linux box:

- Apache 1.3.19 DSO
- mod_webapps
- Jakarta-Tomcat 4.0b5

I have finally gotten Tomcat to serve static content with the Default
servlet (Of course, I could do that with Apache by itself)
but JSP's are not working right!

My problem is with JSP pages served through the Apache
connector.  Everything works fine through port 8080 when
served by Catalina; I can't get it to work through Apache and
port 80.

Here's what happens:

An attempt to request a .jsp page causes the request to be
mapped to the JSP servlet, and the right .jsp file is compiled.
(I can find the class files in the work directory under the
virtual host I'm trying to access the pages from) - but no
content is returned by the web server!  Apache gives the

        "Document contained no data"

I have turned up debugging levels and can't find a single
problem or issue in a log file which would hint at the nature
of the problem.

A search of the tomcat-users archive and the JGuru stuff
has been no help.

Has anyone seen this problem or have any ideas on how to
lick it??

By the way, the JSP's in question are:

    - the Tomcat examples, which work fine from port 8080, and
    - an app we wrote which runs fine under JServ/GnuJSP


Mark Dzmura
Digital Mission LLC

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