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From Bo Xu>
Subject Re: URL vs. cookies
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2001 18:20:30 GMT
Georges Boutros wrote:

> hi,
> i'd like to know where can i set tomcat to send the JSESSIONID on the URL
> instead of using the cookies?
> thanks
> Georges

Hi :-)   good email for you   //haha :-)

n Sun, 20 May 2001, Robert Nicholson wrote:
> Question... how I force it to rewrite the URL to support url rewriting even

> if the browser supports cookies?

In 3.2, look in "conf/server.xml" for the string


and change it to


IIRC, this change is global to all webapps in this JVM.

In 4.0, the <Context> element includes a "cookies" attribute that you can
use to turn cookies on or off on a per-webapp basis.  It defaults to
"true", so turn them off like this:

        <Context path="/examples" ... cookies="false" ...>

Craig McClanahan

July 16, 2001

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