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From (Gary Dale)
Subject Re: Making Tomcat 3.2 A Service On Win 2000 ( using jdk 1.3.0_02 )
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 18:49:43 GMT
Are you sure there are no problems with jdk1.3.1?  The main problem I 
found with 1.3.0 was that it shut down when you logged off. I found the 
same problem in 1.3.1. The "fix" is to add -Xsa to the execution line 
that starts Java in Tomcat.

As for making Tomcat a service, I found the jk_nt_service.exe (zipped 
up) in the jakarta downloads. I thought that was the standard way of 
making it into a service. Is this what is causing the shutdown problem? 
ShouldI be using a different method?

Randy Layman wrote:

>	1.  No quotes and no spaces in filenames allowed.  Use one backslash
>(\) in your paths.  The examples that come in the conf directory are
>correctly formatted, but probably for the wrong directories.
>	2.  Sun fixed the problem for JDK 1.3.1.  All 1.3.0 versions have
>problems.  Also, all versions of the 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.1.8, and 1.1.7 line
>that I have worked with have been fine, although rumor has it that some
>versions of 1.2.0 had the same problem.  Also, rumor has it that beta 1.4
>works fine as a service (but has other issues).
>	Randy
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>From: Russell, Steve []
>Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2001 2:48 PM
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>Subject: Making Tomcat 3.2 A Service On Win 2000 ( using jdk 1.3.0_02 )
>I found some instructions at for making tomcat a service:
>It didn't answer some questions I would like to know before I begin.
>1. The instructions mention setting TOMCAT_HOME in
>    Lets say this is c:\ I put it inq uotes?  Do I use the "\"
>as a path seperator or a "/"?
>2. The instructions mention that there is a bug in jdk1.3 that if you follow
>thei nstructions to make
>    tomcat a service and you stop the service no clean up will happen.  Is
>there anything bad about
>    that?  What will not happen?   Does this bug also exist in jdk1.3.0_02
>Thanks in advance
>Steve Russell 
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