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From Alex Madon <>
Subject Re: strange way to start tomcat
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 08:38:57 GMT
Hello Peter,
I have noticed the difference in speed you talk about when I use the
apache module (not stand alone mode):
the first time I load the page is a bit slower than the next times.

But when I use tomcat as a stand alone server, it is very very slow
(order of
I don't think that's my hardware (P3 933MHz) or JDK 1.1.8 on suse 7.0.

Yes you are right i the standalone config, after a
a 'ps' command shows that the tomcat service is still running.


>The first time a jsp script is requested, it has to be compiled. This
>procedure takes some time. But I agree with you: Waiting some minutes is
>very long. What processor, memory etc do you have and is the machine
>loaded (use top to display the load). Perhaps you should try to use
>another JVM?
>That the sequence (start, stop, start, start) works could have following
>* The first time you start, everything seems to be ok.
>* Then you stop.
>* The next startup tells you, that the port is already used, so tomcat
>was not stopped properly. Did you do a ps -edaf to view your processes
>after the shutdown? Perhaps there are hanging java processes/threads?
>* The next time you start is the same as before: the port is used
>I think that something triggers the compilation of your jsp while you
>perform that procedure and tomcat is not shut down at all. When you try
>to access your jsp afterwards, it is already compiled and so it is
>served faster.
>I would try another, more up-to-date JVM.
>        Peter.

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