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From Yomyung Leem <>
Subject stand alone tomcat webserver question
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 01:18:07 GMT
Hi folks.  I am quite new to this web server stuff, and I found tomcat today. 
What I want to know that I could not find on the web page were the following:

1. Can it handle cgi perl scripts?  *.asp files?

2. ApJServDefaultPort 8007, does ApJServ have to be started even in stand alone
mode? (I read that it is always required, and 8080 http port is optional.  I do
have a .jsp file, so I guess it is essential to have ApJServ running????)

3. I am running this on UNIX box (Solaris 2.7), and does environment variables
get passed to JVM when I start the tomcat server with command?

I know some of the questions sound pretty stupid, but I'd like to hear some
answers from you.

Thanks in advance.


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