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From pete <>
Subject Re: Performance problem with Tomcat 3.2 on NT
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2001 22:36:14 GMT
For a start, you may need to increase the java heap size allocated at 
JVM startup by using the java -mx32000k  flag. You may want to increase 
this even further, up to -mx128000k if necessary. However, if you are 
running out of RAM while testing, imagine your situation when 100 
concurrent users are trying to do the same thing at the same time.

An XML DOM tree can bloat to over 10 times the size of it's text 
representation when a tree is built by a parser, and if you are dealing 
with many megabytes of XML, you many be forced to look at breaking your 
document into smaller chunks for DOM-style processing, or to SAX-parse, 
which doesn't build any huge trees in RAM.

I use the SAX-parsing approach, which is very fast, and is perfect for 
my purposes. However, it doesn't give you the 'live XML document' 
paradigm that DOM is so good for - i.e. being able to add, modify and 
delete nodes with ease, then write (serialise?) the structure back out 
to text.

Java does seem to have issues handling huge DOMs. Anyone else have any 
other tips?


> Hi folks !
>   I am facing performance problem on Tomcat 3.2 when
> used on NT workstation. I am running servlets & JSPs
> on Tomcat. My JSPs & Servlets pick huge amount of XML
> data from Oracle tables(in CLOB field) and show on the
> browser(IE 5). The application works fine 1 or 2
> times. But when run repeatedly, I get error & Tomcat
> stops processing the requests. Tomcat runs fine when
> it processes less data intensive requests, but it
> gives problem when it has to fetch & store large
> amount of data in the database. Can anybody suggest a
> way to make my environment more stable for this
> scenario ?
> Any help will be much appreciated.
> Regards
> mukul
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