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From "McAuliffe, Robert" <>
Subject SEC: UNCLASSIFIED - RE: Why so many processes?
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2001 22:24:57 GMT
Actually, I believe (although this is possibly a bit off track :) that Linux
threads *are* processes.  The Linux implementation of processes is
lightweight enough that there is no requirement to have a lighter weight
version (stuff like: it doesn't copy memory unless it needs to - just uses
the same memory for both child and parent).

Rob McAuliffe

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From: Pier P. Fumagalli []
Sent: Wednesday, 25 July 2001 6:04
Subject: Re: Why so many processes?

Richard Draucker at wrote:

> I recently upgraded to RH7 and downloaded jdk1.3.1.
> After starting Tomcat I find about a half dozen native thread processes
> running.  Is this normal?  Or, is there a fix?

It's normal... Those are not processes but threads (which under Linux are
shown as they were processes)... Damn Linux.


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