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From Sheryl Coppenger <>
Subject Re: jdbc odbc bridge on linux
Date Sun, 29 Jul 2001 21:14:38 GMT
> Emir Alikadic (ADNOC IS&T) at wrote:
> > 
> > Repost your question in plain text instead of RTF and I'll help you.
> It _was_ also in plaintext, and the second part of the mime was in HTML, not
> RTF... I'm not a fan of HTML, but, IMNSHO, this is just plain rude...
>     Pier

Actually, it wasn't in plain text if the reader uses elm, and possibly
some other mailers that don't read MIME at all.  Pine was able to turn
the MIME into text, but it did strange things with the mailing list 
information.  My vote would be

[X] +1 -> Plain Text only. Strip HTML on the mailing list.

but also no attachments.


Sheryl Coppenger    SEAS Computing Facility Staff
                    The George Washington University   (202) 994-6853

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