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From Siu Hong Hui <>
Subject Installing tomcat on Win98 2nd Ed.
Date Sun, 29 Jul 2001 06:54:06 GMT

I am a new tomcat user and I wanted to install both
Tomcat and Apache server on my Windows 98 2nd edition
OS. Right now i am having trouble installing the

When I try to install the Apache setup file
"apache_1.3.20-win32-src-r2.msi" there will be a
warning message saying that i need a newer version of
the Windows Install Service.

When i try to unzip the "" on
the C: drive, it gave me an error saying that I don't
have the access rights to the drive or something.

Does anybody know what these errors are all about? And
does anybody have any recommendations on what versions
of the servers is best on Win 98? And anything
(requirements) I need to know when i install the above
servers onto my computer? 

I am a new user of tomcat-apache so any info will
help. Thanks.


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