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From oLi <>
Subject RE: Frames and Apache/mod_jk
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2001 14:34:11 GMT
Insterestingly, what I just found out is that when I
send the request to https://host:443/foo/servlet it
works well, too, whereas with https://host/foo/servlet
I get my login page in every one of the 3 frames. This
makes me doubt it's a flaw in my app's logic but
rather some SSL misconfiguration, I just can't figure
out what causes it.


 --- Michael Weissenbacher
<> schrieb: > sounds much
like you have some data in your servlet
> object. if there are
> multiple requests, you must consider that it's
> always the SAME servlet
> object that has to handle it. so if you are
> declaring fields in your servlet
> you must be very careful with serialisation. so it's
> best to not use it at
> all. maybe with apache and mod_jk it's just more
> likely that the requests
> are handeled concurrently.
> michael
> -----Original Message-----
> From: oLi []
> Sent: Monday, July 23, 2001 3:58 PM
> To: Tomcat-User
> Subject: Frames and Apache/mod_jk
> Hi all,
> I've run into a weird behaviour of my app: my
> application consists of a frameset with 3 frames.
> When
> I access it directly via Tomcat's HTTP port it works
> great. But when I go in via Apache/mod_jk, after
> logging in, it sometimes displays the same content
> (my
> login page) in all frames. Sometimes it successfully
> logs in but opens a new window for every frame. This
> is primarily with Netscape, but also happens under
> certain circumstances with IE. I think it may have
> something to do in which order the webserver sends
> the
> responses back to the client, and whether at the
> time
> the first response arrives a session object has
> already been created or not. Now I'm wondering why
> it
> works well with Tomcat directly but not with Apache.
> I have browsed through the archive but couldn't
> really
> find any similar case. Any comments will be greatly
> appreciated!!
> oLi
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