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From Raber Chris <>
Subject More Information, was Problems running as an NT Service
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 03:07:02 GMT
Here are some additional facts that may help diagnose
the problem.

- I have made sure that the user my service is running
as has access to the directories and files I need to

- My servlet is running in the ROOT context in the
webapps directory. Not for any good reason except I
have been too lazy to create my own context. Need to
learn how to do that...

- The files I am trying to read are in a different
directory than the ROOT context I am running in.

- As I understand it, TomCat grants a servlet file
permissions in the directories under the context it is
running in. Note however I don't have any problems
accessing these files when running TomCat from the
command line. Are different policies enforced when
runnning as service vs. running from command line?

- Finally, is it possible to allow my servlet in the
ROOT context access to files/directories located

Either way I need to figure out these context beasties
but this exercise is helping me learn some things.



Previous post:

I have a servlet that works fine when running TomCat
from a command line.

When I attempt to run the servlet as a service, my
servlet can not open files for read access that it
could open when running under TomCat from the command

I have read the archives for similar issues, and have
tried to set up my service Run As user to have access
to the files. I must be missing something or am
completely brain dead.

Any suggestions are welcome!



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