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From Mehrdad Jahansoozi <>
Subject Packages and their property files.
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 18:29:05 GMT
We are migrating from applet TCP/IP to HTML / JSP HTTP

On the server side we have a number of packages that
use their own property files to read whatever data
they need and these data change regularly.

While on the applet TCP/IP we just edited the property
files and restarted the server.
I was hoping we could continue with this process after
migration to HTML / JSP HTTP server.

To my surprise after migration these packages can not
find their corresponding property files anymore.

When I hard code the data from the property files
everything works, however hard coding is not
acceptable, since these data change regularly.
Our design spec. Is very specific that only packages
should be dealing with the data they need and classes
outside the packages should not have any knowledge of
these property files and the data they contain.

Your suggestions / input is appreciated.

Mehrdad Jahansoozi 
Java Developer Consultant
2304-60 Pleasant Blv Toronto Ont M4T 1K1 Canada
Phone 416 924-0882
Best time to contact 9AM - 8PM. EST

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