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From "D. Jay Newman" <>
Subject Re: Running more than one instance of Tomcat on the same machine
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 15:44:14 GMT
> I am trying to run another instance of tomcat on the same machine, listening 
> to another port, ...
> I copy the whole content of the "jakarta" folder into a second directory and 
> run the startup script from there but it did not work (the rationale being 
> that you may run the same java program in two different directories, since 
> they will startup on their own JVM)

One caveat: I've only done this under linux, and not NT.

I copy the entire tomcat folder.

I change server.xml so that every port mentioned is changed to a different
port (8080 -> 9080 and so forth).

I run the startup script:


Everything works fine for me. The *most* crucial step is modifying server.xml.

I hope this helps.
D. Jay Newman                   ! For the pleasure and the profit it derives              ! I arrange things, like furniture, and   ! daffodils, and ...lives.  -- Hello Dolly

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