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From <>
Subject RE: Character Encoding Problem
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 13:34:25 GMT
> > When reading bytes from file with FileReader the default character encoding
> > is used.
> > I think you must specify your own encoding when reading the file.
> >
> I'll try that. But the same compiled classes and the same jdk version works well with
Resin JSP Server and the files. The problem occurs with Tomcat.

Nay, still problems. A lot of ?'s in the visual output. Himpf. The point is, which is interesting,
if a have an html form with ISO-8859-9 encoded chars, and post it to a jsp file, and write
the parameters to a system text file, the text is correct!!

The problem seems to occur during displaying strings obtained from inside a class .. Any other
display problems with other character sets ?? .. Any more idea ?? ..

Let's remember the problem. We cannot display ISO-8859-9 encoded string constants of a class,
or strings read from a file, in jsp documents in correct encoding.
Usage of <%@ page content-type does not solve
Usage of javac -encoding does not solve
Usage of encodings in file read/writes of routines does not solve

The problem is with Tomcat, no problems with Resin used in the same environment, OS/JDK.

Arif ..

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