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From "D. Jay Newman" <>
Subject Re: [tomcat-user] how to use generic servlets
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 01:59:08 GMT
> On Mon,  2 Jul 2001 11:40, you wrote:
> > I'm glad you think so. I can use all the help I can get.  :)
> I think I'd be leading you astray if I left you thinking that there's much 
> chance I'd find time to actually do anything )o:  much as I'd love to get my 
> feet wet, there's barely enough time in the day to sleep as it is )o:

No problem. I'm an insomniac, so sleep is just something I wish for...

> > Well, I'm just looking at sending XML messages back and forth. This could
> > easily be encapsulated into the HTTP protocol, but I don't see any reason
> > to make things more difficult than that are already.

> more difficult for your client you mean?  At the server I would see it being 
> simpler implementing it as a servlet.  If worked 
> it'd be easy from the client too (o:  I'd have thought that it'd be simpler 
> to do it as XML/HTTP and then implement something on the client (which you'd 
> have to do to some degree anyway).  I'm also pretty sure you can find some 
> nice client side http connection libs out there.

Well, the client would probably just open a connection, but using a servlet
gives you a bunch of things from Tomcat and has the advantage of building on
a standard and making it more complete.

I have just gotten though enough of the Servlet 2.3 specs, and while a
servlet *must* implement the HTTP protocol, it can also implement other
protocols. So I would think that I'd just be helping to make Tomcat more
in sync with the standard.

> > I've looked at the code of the connectors and such in Tomcat 4.0b5 and
> > found that they are very tightly tied to HTTP.

> I think I now see what you're saying about implementing it now.
> Different approach though...  Why not SOAP?  I'm assuming there's a good 
> reason why this isn't appropriate.

Actually it's because I don't know anything about SOAP. I'll have to look
at that... Though I'm basically using XML to build a protocol for a directory
service (GUS -- the Group-User-Service server; GUS is designed mainly to
work between servers rather than directly for a person).

In my almost 30 years of computing things have changed from where I could
know pretty much everything in the field to where things change so fast
that I can feel my knowledge becoming obsolute while I'm taking the time
to write this email...  :(
D. Jay Newman                   ! For the pleasure and the profit it derives              ! I arrange things, like furniture, and   ! daffodils, and ...lives.  -- Hello Dolly

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