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From "Lakshminarayanan Ramakrishnan" <>
Subject tomcat development scenario
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 06:07:30 GMT
Hi all

Here is a typical Project Development scenario where we have two
different environments, one for development and the other for testing.
By two diff env i also mean two diff databases.( Ex. DSN for development
is"DEV" and DSN for test is "TEST"). These DSN's should be in .ini files
in the root of the server.

We use Apache as "WebServer" and Tomcat as a "Servlet Container"
(add-on). The problem arises when we are required have our documents in
a remote place other than tomcat's "Webapps/root". i.e i place Apache
and Tomcat in one machine(Win'NT) and documents in a fileserver, which
is mapped to the machine where Apache and Tomcat reside.

I fixed the contexts(dev and test) properly in the server.xml. Moreover,
I load default servlet classes for connection pooling and other
application specific processing. I place servlet classes under
"webapps/root/webinf/classes" folder.

What'd be the solution for this?

How do i go about having only,
One Apache server,
One Tomcat server,
Two ini files in the tomcat server root,
Two diff document roots.

Thanx in Adavance


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