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From "Hughes, Tim" <>
Subject RE: Programmatic security with servlet mappings in tomcat
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 14:28:46 GMT


(Tomcat 3.2.1, windows 2000, JdK1.3.1)

I want to use a Request Controller architecture for a webapp (i.e. one JSP
that receives all requests and then dispatches the requests to other JSPs
for servicing of the request). Of course I want to ensure that these
"servicing" JSPs are not accessible without passing through the controller
jsp. Is a secure solution to this problem to use a servlet mapping of the
following form in web.xml:





And to include in Controller.jsp a session bean for each user to check
whether they have logged on to the site before forwarding their request to
the "servicing" JSP.

I have tried this out "empirically" myself and it seems to work but I would
quite like a "theoretical" confirmation that this is secure and that this
solution makes it impossible for a malicious user to get access to the
"servicing" JSPs (without passing through Controller.jsp which will force a



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