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From "Jeff Kilbride" <>
Subject Re: ajp13 dies unexpectately
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2001 20:41:04 GMT
How many threads have you specified as max_threads in your PoolTCPConnector
for ajp13 in your server.xml file? If you haven't done this, and you're
running a reasonably high load, you should take a look at the minimal TC
user's guide here:

The last example at the bottom of the page shows how to configure
max_threads, max_spare_threads, and min_spare_threads for the
PoolTCPConnector class. Tomcat doesn't react gracefully if the max_threads
number is ever reached and exceeded. I believe the default max is 50
threads. If you're getting more than 50 concurrent connections, you need to
raise this number or you'll have problems.


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From: "maarten hartsuijker"
To: <>
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2001 2:00 AM
Subject: ajp13 dies unexpectately

> we have been running tomcat 3.2.2 with apache, mod_jk and ajp13 support
> about 3 weeks now. In those weeks it has died 2 times unexpectately and
> only thing the mod_jk.og is showing me is a jk_ajp13_worker.c (586)]:
> connecting to the Tomcat process.
> With a netstat I can see that 8009 is not up anymore, so both times I have
> issued a shutdown and a start. That works but (ofcourse) I'd rather not
> this problem at all.
> Anyone had this before and, better yet, found a solution?
> kind regards,
> Maarten Hartsuijker

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