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From Jeff Hoare <>
Subject Re: Help w/ Tomcat 4.0b6 and Apache
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2001 00:16:39 GMT
I'm using it but as you have found out I think very few ppl are using it on 
this list. I was able to view servlets thru apache, but the integration fails 
whenever I try reading any data (I use the post method for form data). I 
found a java null pointer exception in the catalina log trying to read from 
the input stream, which I guess is the problem. I have posted a bug on the 
bugzilla site. As with your experience everything works flawlessly when 
accessing the servlets thru tomcat directly, but seems broken when using the 
apache-tomcat extension. This could be some mis-configuration, or a bug but 
either way the lack of any response is not encouraging.

I know this is no help, but at least someone else is suffering as well :-). 
If I get any response I'll post it to this list


On Wednesday 25 July 2001 03:45, you wrote:
> Folks:
> I have received but a single response to my multiple posts
> regarding Tomcat 4 Beta 6 and Apache, but, alas, it, was not helpful.
> Given the otherwise high level of activity on this list, I must again ask
> this question:
> "Is anybody on this list successfully using Tomcat 4 with Apache??"
> If so, I would desperately like to know your configuration and see the
> relevant parts of your server.xml, apache configs, and know what
> module/version you are using as bridge between Apache and Tomcat.
> Our desired benchmark is simply to achieve the same behaviors from the
> example JSP's through port 80 (via Apache) as we do through port 8080.
> It has taken enormous effort just to get something limping along, but still
> the transport between Apache and Tomcat (mod_webapp) is clearly broken -
> key header variables have default values instead of actual values,
> preventing the application from using sessions or accessing the proper
> values of header variables.
> As an example, the "snoop" JSP provides reasonable values when executed
> from port 8080 but reports mostly null's and -1's, when executed from port
> 80.
> We are using the latest versions of everything - Tomcat milestone 4.0b6,
> apr, and mod_webapp CVS snapshot.  We have tried using the Java Warp code
> that comes with Tomcat, and replacing it with the Java part of the
> mod_webapp build.
> I have also rebuilt mod_webapp with --enable-debug and see NO DIFFERENCE
> WHATSOEVER in the log contents.
> Any ideas at all would be appreciated.  If I don't get any responses I will
> have to conclude that nobody is actually using Tomcat 4.  However, I find
> it difficult to justify that conclusion for a distribution in its 6th
> Beta!!
> Thanks,
> Mark
> --
> Mark Dzmura
> Digital Mission LLC

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