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From maarten hartsuijker <>
Subject ajp13 dies unexpectately
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 07:05:42 GMT

we have been running tomcat 3.2.2 with apache, mod_jk and ajp13 support for 
about 3 weeks now. In those weeks the ajp13 module has died 2 times 
unexpectately and the only thing the mod_jk.og is showing me is a 
jk_ajp13_worker.c (586)]: Error connecting to the Tomcat process. 

With a netstat I can see that 8009 is not up anymore, so both times I have 
issued a shutdown and a start. That works but (ofcourse) I'd rather not have 
this problem at all.

With a ps -ef | grep tomcat I notice that tomcat is still running, but 
without the ajp13 service there is, ofcourse, not that much running left when 
speaking about funtionality....

Anyone had this before and, better yet, found a solution?

kind regards,

Maarten Hartsuijker

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