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From "M. Darrin Tisdale" <>
Subject Re: [tomcat-user] how to use generic servlets
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2001 02:24:11 GMT
On Monday 02 July 2001 02:47 am, you wrote:

> The servlet *container* is tomcat, so my servlet would not be required
> to support http.

It's an interesting discussion, but what's the practicality of challenging 
the dominance of HTTP as the back-bone protocol for any real application? 

If it's just your own stuff, that's KEWL, but OTOH, if you want any business 
to use it, my advice (as a Chief Architect at IBM) would be to stick with 
HTTP.  Too many good apps fall by the wayside because they cannot support 
HTTP tunnelling.  Others, not so good, make it because of their support for 
HTTP.  Many companies I worked with in Fortune 500 all feel comfortable with 
HTTP; other things make them nervous.

But hey, it's your boat.  I hope you enjoy the ride.

> ok, ill read again, i prolly just got it wrong =)
> it would be nice if you told me where you find this restriction to
> servlets.
> regards,
> nick

I guess that's why I never used them except for HTTP.


. . . tizzy
L'enfers, c'est les autres.
--Jean Paul Sartre, Huit Clos

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