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From Dmitri Colebatch <>
Subject Re: [tomcat-user] how to use generic servlets
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 02:25:10 GMT
On Mon,  2 Jul 2001 11:59, D. Jay Newman wrote:
> I have just gotten though enough of the Servlet 2.3 specs, and while a
> servlet *must* implement the HTTP protocol, it can also implement other
> protocols. So I would think that I'd just be helping to make Tomcat more
> in sync with the standard.
really?  yipes... haven't read it yet... in any case if its ptp req/reply 
messaging then I'd still argue for http.  are you agreeing here?

> Actually it's because I don't know anything about SOAP. I'll have to look
> at that... Though I'm basically using XML to build a protocol for a
> directory service (GUS -- the Group-User-Service server; GUS is designed
> mainly to work between servers rather than directly for a person).
30 word intro to soap (simple object access protocol).  you have an object 
which has an interface (defined by wsdl) and you can use a invoke calls on 
that object (methods).

Are you saying that GUS is going to be a primary server and would provide its 
functionality, other servers might require that functionality and use the GUS 
server to provide that functionality?

The big thing about SOAP is that its XML, which means a lot of relatively 
(compared to straight rmi) expensive marshalling.  though if your servers 
have to communicate with a firewall in the middle its exactly what you want.

have a look at - it has a pretty quick 
startup-example.  Make sure you use xerces 1.2 and _not_ 1.3.  ASAIK it 
doesn't support xerces 1.3 (although this may have changed recently).

> In my almost 30 years of computing things have changed from where I could
> know pretty much everything in the field to where things change so fast
> that I can feel my knowledge becoming obsolute while I'm taking the time
> to write this email...  :(

<grin /> I'm not even going to tell you how few years I've been in the game 
compared to your 30!  <shy-away />


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