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From Dmitri Colebatch <>
Subject Re: [tomcat-user] how to use generic servlets
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 01:05:20 GMT
hey - this looks interesting.

On Mon,  2 Jul 2001 10:40, D. Jay Newman wrote:
> I'm sorry, but I agree with Nick.
me too

> > > could someone give me a nice example how to write a web.xml in which i
> > > can use my generic servlet which uses my own protocol?
What sort of a protocol are you looking at?  My understanding is that _any_ 
request/reply based messaging could be done this way.

I have no idea about this in practice, but AFAIK I cant see any reason why 
you'd need to depart from a standard web.xml file.  I'm assuming that the 
servlet-class needs to be a Servlet (not HttpServlet).  How far have you got 
with this? I'd be really interested to hear more.

btw - on a side note, which may be (vaguely) related.  I once tried to create 
my own HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse types for use within a 
servlet, to simulate firing a request to a RequestDispatcher.  It didn't work 
- the first line of forward was attempted casting my HttpServletRequest to a 
tomcat specific class.  Not sure how legit what I was doing is, or how legit 
tomcat's casting was, but it didn't work.  Things like this _might, maybe_ be 
of some use to you (o:


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