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From Niko Schwarz <>
Subject Re: [tomcat-user] how to use generic servlets
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 06:29:43 GMT
Am Montag,  2. Juli 2001 03:05 schrieben erhelltest du mich hiermit:

> I have no idea about this in practice, but AFAIK I cant see any
> reason why you'd need to depart from a standard web.xml file.  I'm
> assuming that the servlet-class needs to be a Servlet (not
> HttpServlet).  How far have you got with this? I'd be really
> interested to hear more.

oh, its done and it should work, though its not tested.
it isnt long anyway, a complete rewrite wouldnt take that long, but 
actually my understanding of servlets was that they were good for any 
protocol, so i would prefer using tomcat.
since castor only produced bugs its now a completely serialization 
based protocol (sounds weirder than it is).

if you tell me tomcat doesnt do that, i will rewrite and it wont be a 
big deal, but that would be kinda poor for tomcat, isnt it?


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