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From "Matt Barre" <>
Subject load balanced workers
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2001 18:44:59 GMT
I'm trying to implement load balanced workers in the form of 2 different jvm instances on
a single physical server. I have 3 workers in my file :

workers.list = ajp12, ajp13, backup
ajp13 = first instance
ajp12 = first instance
backup = second instance
lb.loadbalancer.balanced_workers = ajp13, ajp12, backup

in my httpd.conf file I have tried two different things...
if I set JkMount to ajp13, and then stop the instance that worker is in, then the site
fails, I would think it should switch over to the backup worker. Should I instead be
putting lb in my httpd.conf? If that is the case wouldn't I need to include lb in the
workers.list property?


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