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From "David Wall" <>
Subject Re: Re[2]: Reverse DNS lookup
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 16:15:19 GMT
> RL>         The InetAddress...getHostName() call will use the DNS
> RL> For most computers, however, this won't return anything useful.
> That is not true. Most of US IPs have PTR records. That includes your
> own IP, that you had when sending your msg. By far, most servers have
> most dynamic IPs do, most static IPs for cable/DSL do, and even most
> do.

The IP address I was testing is and I am able to do a reverse
lookup using dig from the webserver.  It just seems to me that the
InetAddress class is perhaps not using whatever it needs to do to use DNS.
Does anybody know what the implementation of InetAddress is actually doing
under the hood?


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