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From "RV Tobin" <>
Subject Tomcat & Frames
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2001 14:18:17 GMT
Corey, have you had a response to that bug report you filed regarding the
problem with Tomcat and frames not loading correctly?  It seems that the
problem gets better for a while, which makes you think that something you
did fixed it, when in reality, it is just lying dormant like some gestating
alien life form waiting for the right point in development where it can
burst forth again.

Sometimes, restarting Tomcat and Apache helps.  Sometimes I reboot the whole
machine, and other times, even that does not work.  Then, I just have to
wait until it decides to play nice again.  It is always the .jsp pages that
don't load, though.  The frame containing the .html page loads fine, and
that has a link to another .html page which also loads fine when clicked.


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