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From "Matt Barre" <>
Subject Re: exhausting connections under load
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 15:34:11 GMT
Taking a stab in the dark this is probably for a few reasons. The first that comes to mind
is that Tomcat 3.2.x is not HTTP 1.1 compatible, so for each object in a web page it
creates a new connection...not very efficient.

Its really meant to be put behind Apache I think. The http serving abilities are usually
used just for quick/easy development purposes, not production delivery.

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From: "Frank Morton" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2001 8:16 AM
Subject: exhausting connections under load

> Intel (4 processors) Solaris 8 with up-to-date patches
> Tomcat 3.2.2
> JDK 1.3.1-b24
> Apache not running during testing
> Tomcat on port 8080
> Under load directly to port 8080, netstat shows thousands
> of ports open and eventually just exhausts connections to
> the point that the system can't do anything. Even after
> stopping connections to the port, thousands of connections
> stay alive for around 2 minutes, then they close and things
> go back to normal. I am sure that connections are staying
> around longer than they need to.
> I have looked everywhere I know and have not discovered
> what to do about this. I don't see any max connections/stay
> alive time period/etc that can be configured with tomcat.
> Hopefully I'm missing something and one of you can get
> me pointed because this problem is serious for us.
> Thanks.
> Frank

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