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From (Jonathan Pierce)
Subject Re:RE: I need help in tomcat configuration with Oracle 8.1.7
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 01:57:53 GMT

You need to use the newer thin client driver from Oracle with
the 8.1.7 release. If you are more specific with your problems, I can help you

I recommend that you also switch to the 3.2.2 release. Notice however that the
3.2.2 uses a newer version of the Servlet API (2.2) so you may need to check
your code for deprecated 2.1 dependencies.

Jonathan (

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Subject:    RE: I need help in tomcat configuration with Oracle 8.1.7
Date:       7/5/2001 9:45 PM


Here is an example that should help:

Mike Braden
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From: Internet Total Solutions LLC - Customer Liaisons Department -
Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 6:37 AM
Subject: I need help in tomcat configuration with Oracle 8.1.7


I would like to know whether anyone is able to give me a hint towards
solving the following scenario. If anyone is available on consultation
basis, it is fine too.

I have developed website personalization engine in java that comes with it's
own kind of application server to handle the client access requests to the
oracle 8.1.7 db through the use of tomcat 3.1 I am using the oracle thin
driver and in order to handle the requests through the jdbc.
However tomcat giving me serious errors and my client application can't
login to the database. Would anyone be able to help me on that matter?


Tobias Hansen

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