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From "Michael Lechner" <>
Subject How stable is 4.0
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2001 16:37:47 GMT
My question: is anybody using the 4.0 Beta version in a production environment ?
Is the current version worth giving it a try (of course with an internal test first).

I'm having some (lots) of stability problems with the latest tomcat release on a "quite busy"
site (
up to 300 simultanious request) - and can't really find any solution (currently our
watchdog triggers a restart of the tomcat engine every 5-6 hours ... all users must login
in again..).
Anyone else having the same problems ? Any Ideas ?

f.y.i: Tomcat (latest stable) is running on a DUAL PIII-800, 1GB RAM with linux kernel 2.4
using SUNs JDK. 


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