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From Vicente Martínez <>
Subject RE: Why does Tomcat spend too much time before process a request?
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2001 07:53:53 GMT
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Re: Why does Tomcat spend too much time before process a request?Hi,

explaining more in detail the tests we've made ...

We have tested with a max number of concurrent clients of 100 running 100

We have tested with SPoolTcpConnector & SimpleTcpConnector
We have also used Ajp12 & Ajp13 (we've seen better performance with Ajp13,
but not in the time we're measuring)
To time this we've used snoop & Servlets that write timestamp.

The issue is to know if there is any configuration parameter of tomcat to
reduce this time.

For example, in one execution, the average execution time of all Servlets
was 48.47 seconds, and the average "D" time was 23.067 seconds, almost 50%.

Thanks for your answer, David.
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  De: David Cassidy (Programmer) []
  Enviado el: lunes, 09 de julio de 2001 15:03
  Asunto: Re: Why does Tomcat spend too much time before process a request?


  You say under stress conditions how many hits are you
  doing on tomcat at the same time ?

  In server.xml what have you got these set to ...

  <Connector className="org.apache.tomcat.service.PoolTcpConnector">
  <Parameter name="handler"
  <Parameter name="port" value="8007"/>
  <Parameter name="max_threads" value="10"/>
  <Parameter name="max_spare_threads" value="7"/>
  <Parameter name="min_spare_threads" value="3" />

  I've only got 10 threads here - you might want more :)

  How many threads have you got tomcat running ?

  Are you using ajp12 or ajp13 ?

  What are you using to time this ??????


  Vicente Martínez wrote:
  > Hash: SHA1
  > Hi everybody,
  > We have tested Tomcat under stress conditions, to see how it works
  > handling
  > hundreds of concurrent requests.
  > Our system is using Apache as static content server and tomcat as
  > dynamic
  > content server (jsp & servlet)
  > We have measured ...
  > A. the time the request takes to go from the client to the Apache
  > server.
  > B. the time the request is in Apache server before an Apache process
  > gets
  > it.
  > C. the time an Apache process takes to redirect the request to Tomcat
  > server.
  > D. the time the request is in Tomcat server before a Tomcat process
  > it.
  > E. then time a Tomcat process takes to send back the request to Apache
  > ... and so on until the request arrives to the client.
  > What we have seen is that tomcat is spending a big amount of time (say
  > 36%)
  > in step D.
  > and now the questions?
  > Is Tomcat prepared to handle a big number of concurrent requests?
  > How big can be that number?
  > Is there any way to configure Tomcat, in order to reduce the time we
  > have
  > seen in step D?
  > Thanks,
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