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From "Sam Newman" <>
Subject List traffic et al
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2001 09:46:41 GMT
Given the huge amount of traffic this list generates, I can rarely get
involved with the discussions that take place. It occurs to me that there
sems to be three major discussion themes on the list as a whole:

1.) General servlet/jsp development issues and how tomcat affects them
2.) General tomcat configuration issues
3.) Webserver integration issues

I guess as documentation improves (e.g. tomcat book, work by people like
Mike Slinn) points 2&3 will become less of an issue. I'm just wondering if
there is any millage in perhaps splitting the list into 2 or 3 lists?
Personally, I've got no issues with getting tomcat up and running and so
don't care too much about that end of things, however the servlet/jsp
development issues is more interesting to me.

I don't have too strong an opinion on it, its just that I worry I'm missing
some interesting topics because I don't have the time to work though all the


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