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From "Charlie French" <>
Subject jakarta-IIS-how to question
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2001 06:44:50 GMT
I've been looking through all the documentation and pretty much have IIS working with tomcat.
 The ISAPI redirector works, but I'm confused about one thing..

if IIS is sending only .JSP files to tomcat, does tomcat still use the same directories to
look for java files?  (ie WEB-INF/classes), and should that directory be a branch-out from
where my JSP file is or should it be in tomcat.. ?

what I have now is

but the JSP can't find it.. any suggestions?.. I saw a lot of info in the docs on topics near
this, but nothing specifically on this.. I'd assume lots of people would want to set it up
where they have C:\Server and C:\Server\classes as the class directory.. I wasn't sure exactly
how to get there.

any help greatly appreciated


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